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Park Board


The Park Board of the Town of Yarrow Point is an advisory board to the Council on the use of public properties, particularly the park areas of the Town. The Park Board consists of six resident board members appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Council. Each board member serves a three-year term and is eligible for re-appointment without term limits.

The Park Board focuses on the preservation and development of public properties within the Town, particularly for current or future use of public parks.  To accomplish this, the Park Board has reviewed the current inventory of properties and the needs of its citizens for access to parks and developed a park plan that is incorporated into the Town's Comprehensive Plan.

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The Park Board meets on the 4th Tuesday at 7:00 p.m of every month unless otherwise scheduled. Park Board meetings are open to the public, and citizens are encouraged to appear at meetings and speak to members of the Park Board directly about issues of concern to them. The Chairman of the Park Board presides over Park Board meetings.

Current Park Board Members:
Krista Fleming, Chair Dec 31, 2024
Carolyn Whittlesey Dec 31, 2025
Amy Pellegrini Dec 31, 2026
Dicker Cahill Dec 31, 2024
Nancy Daltas Dec 31, 2026
Robert Afzal Dec 31, 2025