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Current Town Initiatives

91st / NE 42nd Stormwater Upsizing & Underground Utility Conversion Project

The Town of Yarrow Point will complete an overhead to underground utility project for power, phone, and cable on both NE 42nd Street and 91st Avenue NE.

City of Bellevue completed the stormwater upsizing project in summer of 2020.

The Town of Yarrow Point received ten (10) separate bids by the deadline for the underground utility conversion portion. The certified bid results were also posted to the town website at:

The project was awarded to the low bidder, PGH Excavating, Inc, during the October 13, 2020, Council meeting.

During Construction there will be significant impact to the town right-of-way. These impact are likely to include:

  • Water main installation and new service connections;
  • NE 42nd Street Beach - Sanitary sewer pump station retrofit operations; irrigation system installation; and improvements to outfall
  • Existing vegetation removal/ replacements/ modifications to install underground vaults, handholes, pedestals, etc. in the Town Right-of-Way;
  • Driveway cuts, full removal, and/or replacement;
  • Pavement patching - trench (temporary and permanent patching);
  • Minor traffic delays and/ or detours;
  • Water service interruptions
  • Construction noise during work hours (M-F 7:00AM-6:00PM, Saturday 9:00am-5:00pm).

The design plans can be viewed here (updated September 2020):

October 5, 2021:

Please note the following cleanup/ closeout activities that are scheduled to take place as time allows over the next couple weeks:

Cut out and raise stormwater grates, sanitary sewer manhole lids, and water valves.  You’ll notice there are still orange cones around several of these locations.  In order to lay a better pavement mat the construction crew simply paves over these appurtenances and then comes back to raise/lower them to the exact grade.  You will see the City of Bellevue crews scanning the site for potentially missed items and the Lakeside crews will return shortly to do this work.

  1. Shoulder gravel/ topsoil/ mulch.  You’ll notice several of the new edges of pavement are much higher than we anticipated.  Lakeside will be bringing in the appropriate shoulder materials to take care of these grade discrepancies.
  2. Striping. Crews will return to add STOP bars, yellow raised pavement markers to 92nd Ave NE, and blue raised pavement markers at fire hydrant locations.

In the meantime, please feel free to schedule landscape work or other activities that you have postponed to allow for paving access; any work that remains can generally be done around your schedules.  Also, please feel free to bring to the Town’s attention anything that doesn’t seem to be draining properly.  We have a very small punch list remaining with PGH (original contractor) and KC Roads (paving contractor).



PROJECT TIMELINE: Fluid/ May 2018-2021
PROJECT CONTACT Stacia Schroeder
 Trees on Private Property

The Planning Commission is discussing the policies surrounding trees on private property. There are currently no regulations pertaining to private trees. The Town is studying the issue and is evaluating options including, but not limited to educational outreach, mitigation measures, and tree regulations.

Update July 13, 2021

At the regular July 13, 2021 Council meeting, The Town Council reviewed a draft tree code sample. The next step will be for the Planning Commission to hold an in person public hearing at their next regular meeting in September.


PROJECT TIMELINE: Ongoing project began March 2019
Reclassification of Sally's Alley

At the April 27, 2021 Park Board meeting, the Park Board quorum made a unanimous vote to reclassify Sally's Alley from a road into a park in order to preserve it from the potential development on both ends and their related paving and driveway access. Town legal counsel is currently researching next steps on the process to reclassify Sally's Alley from a road into a park.

PROJECT TIMELINE: Ongoing project began April 2021