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Current Town Initiatives

NE 36th St. Stormwater project

NE 36th Street Stormwater Improvement Project Plans

NE 36th Street Stormwater Improvement Project - Notice 9-15-2022

The 2020 Town of Yarrow Point Stormwater Management Plan was published last May. In short, the new study incorporated
known stormwater pipe alignments and sizes into the latest modeling software to identify and prioritize future capital
improvement projects (CIPs) throughout the Town.

A stormwater connection from 92nd Ave NE to NE 36th Street was identified as CIP #1. This project diverts flows along 92nd
(south of NE 36th St) as well as Points Drive NE (east of the round-a-bout) to the storm system in NE 36th Street. As part of
this project, several pieces of the NE 36th Street stormwater infrastructure (ie. catch basins, broken pipes, and cross bores)
will be addressed.

Our current CIP identifies this project as both S-1 ($280,000 for design and construction) and T-1 ($160,000 for full grind
and overlay). There is no power, phone, or cable conversion associated with this project.

The town received two (2) bids prior to the August 10th bid opening deadline:
· B&B Utilities and Excavating LLC $208,275.00
· Kamins Construction, Inc. $315,056.40

The low bidder was vetted and determined responsible by Gray & Osborn on August 16, 2022. Shortly thereafter, a
special council meeting was held in which B&B Utilities and Excavating was awarded the contract.

PROJECT TIMELINE: October 1, 2022 - November 18, 2022
94th Ave NE / NE 38th St/ NE 40th Underground Utility Conversion Project

Bellevue Utilities Department and the Town of Yarrow Point are planning some major capital improvements at the following locations:

  • 94th Ave NE: NE 38th St to 92nd Ave NE
  • NE 38th Street: 92nd Ave NE to 94th Ave NE
  • NE 40th Street: 92nd Ave NE to 95th Ave NE

In 2023 the Bellevue Utilities Department will be replacing the water main from 3800 – 4646 94th Ave NE.  In order to accomplish this the utility company will need to install the new system, pressure test it, and then transfer over each individual water service line.  The utility will permanently patch the street once the project is complete.

In 2024 the Town of Yarrow Point will be replacing the stormwater pipe from roughly 4408 – 4646 94th Ave NE.  At the same time, we will be undergrounding all overhead power, phone, and cable lines on 94th, 38th, and 40th and installing new streetlights. Town staff will be working with a civil engineer and landscape architect starting in January 2023 to determine the best location for parking, pathways, and plants/ shrubs/ trees.  Although we are open to your suggestions anytime, we will be taking official public comment at two separate open houses in early 2023 (date/time/location to be determined) prior to approving a final restoration plan.

Funding for this project is available from several sources, including but not limited to, the Town’s Stormwater Utility Fund, the Town’s Capital Improvement Fund, and monies donated to the Town through the dissolution of Water District #1.

Please note we are currently in the design phase of this project and the following personnel will likely have an increased presence in the project area:

  • Puget Sound Energy – gas/ power
  • Comcast - cable
  • Lumen - phone
  • Bellevue Utilities – sewer/ water
  • Gray & Osborn – civil engineer/ landscape architect
  • Tree Solutions - arborist
  • Town Staff – public works/ engineer


The Town performed a professional survey of the project corridor in 2021.  Over the next 1-3 months the Town arborist will be doing an inventory of all significant trees in the right-of-way to verify their location, species, and health.  At the same time the Town will also be trimming vegetation in the right-of-way to provide clearance a minimum of one (1) foot off all pavement edges and fourteen (14) feet above all pavement corridors and parking areas. We will also be trimming back vegetation around all power poles and existing utilities for access purposes.


Please take a few moments to see if your home is currently connected to the overhead power, phone, and/or cable system that is to be removed.  If so, please know that you will soon be receiving additional instructions on how you can prepare for the upcoming underground conversion.

Please contact Town Engineer Stacia Schroeder directly if you would like to discuss how this project might impact your specific situation. I am generally available at Town Hall Monday – Friday from 8am-3:30pm.

Stacia Schroeder, PE

Yarrow Point – Town Engineer

Phone: 206-276-8922