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Current Town Initiatives

Comprehensive Plan Update

During the January 2023 Yarrow Point Town Council Meeting, the Council directed the Town Planner to provide regular updates on the ongoing efforts to update the Town’s Comprehensive Plan.

The Town Planner is reviewing preliminary checklist results with the Regional Planning Assistant at the Department of Commerce, and communications to that end are ongoing. The planning team is also reviewing the Puget Sound Regional Council’s Plan Review manual to ensure full cooperation and coordination with regional planning authorities. Work on public outreach also began with discussing desired goals and focuses with the Planning Commission during the January Special Meeting.

Further outreach and engagement will begin as the team plans on adding Comprehensive Plan Update information to the Yarrow Point website, sending out information in the newsletter, and coordinating a mailer campaign to inform residents of this process and the public’s role therein. This effort will occur as the team also begins a coordinated effort to bring the existing Comprehensive Plan to a baseline level of compliance through chapter-wise reviews.


2023 TYP Stormwater Manual and Standards Update

The 2014 TYP Stormwater Drainage Guidelines are based in part on methodologies from the outdated 1992 King County Surface Water Design Manual. Since 1992, surrounding jurisdictions have adopted more recent versions of the King County Surface Water Design Manual or the Department of Ecology’s Stormwater Management Manual for Western Washington with a prepared addendum to address any specific deviations. Additionally, the 2010 TYP Standard Plans and Notes need to be updated. The Town Council approved Gray & Osborne, Inc’s to provide updates to the Town’s Stormwater Drainage Guidelines and Standard Plans and Notes at the January 10, 2023 regular Town Council meeting.

Gray & Osborne has experience updating these review and planning tools and the final product will be one that:
· Reflects current stormwater design methodologies and best management practices.
· Updates outdated TYP standard plans document to incorporate past 10+ years of changes.
· Cross references our current planning documents (ie. Yarrow Point Municipal Code, permit and inspection
procedures, etc.) to verify they correspond with each other.
· Corresponds with the 2024 TYP Comprehensive Plan updates.
· Allows for easier plan review.

Town staff expects a draft of the two documents by May 15, 2023.

94th Ave NE / NE 38th St/ NE 40th Underground Utility Conversion Project

Bellevue Utilities Department and the Town of Yarrow Point are following through on some major capital improvements at the following locations:

  • 94th Ave NE: NE 38th St to 92nd Ave NE
  • NE 38th Street: 92nd Ave NE to 94th Ave NE
  • NE 40th Street: 92nd Ave NE to 95th Ave NE

In late summer 2023 the Bellevue Utilities Department will be replacing the water main from 3800 – 4646 94th Ave NE.  In order to accomplish this the utility company will need to install the new system, pressure test it, and then transfer over each individual water service line.  The utility will permanently patch the street once the project is complete.

In 2024 the Town of Yarrow Point will be replacing the stormwater pipe from:

  • 4408 – 4646 94th Ave NE
  • 9200-9400 NE 40th
  • 9200-9300 NE 38th
  • 3838 94th Ave NE – spot repair

At the same time, we will be undergrounding all overhead power, phone, and cable lines on 94th, 38th, and 40th and installing new street lights in the same vicinity of where they currently exist.  Town staff will be working with Gray & Osborne, Inc. in 2023 to determine the best location for parking, pathways, and plants/ shrubs/ trees.  Although we are open to your suggestions anytime, we will be taking official public comment at two separate open houses in early 2023 (date/time/location to be determined) prior to approving a final restoration plan.

Funding for this project is available from several sources, including but not limited to, the Town’s Stormwater Utility, the Town’s Capital Improvement Fund, and monies donated to the Town through the dissolution of Water District #1.

Please note we are currently in the design phase of this project and the following personnel will likely have an increased presence in the project area:

  • Puget Sound Energy – gas/ power
  • Puget Sound Energy IntoLight – street lights
  • Comcast - cable
  • Lumen - phone
  • Bellevue Utilities – sewer/ water
  • Gray & Osborne – civil engineers
  • Tree Solutions - arborist
  • Town Staff – public works/ engineer

Please contact me directly if you would like to discuss how this project might impact your specific situation. I am generally available at Town Hall Monday – Friday from 8am-3:30pm.


The Town completed all twenty-four (24) individual resident meetings with property owners who need to underground their existing overhead service lines this past July/ August 2022.   If you are one of these property owners you should have received a follow up email in October 2022 with details on the potential scope of work and cost to underground your private service lines.  Please contact me as soon as possible if you have any questions on this task.  If you intend to use WE Electric note they are currently filling spots for the April and October 2023 openings and you can reach out to Jake directly at

8-21-2023 Update:

The first phase of underground conversion work for private conduit installation on 94th Ave NE and NE 40th Street is set to start next Monday 8-28 at 8am on NE 40th Street. A bore machine will be in and around the area and will be providing traffic control. Tuesday-Thursday they will be on 94th Ave NE.

Stacia Schroeder, PE

Yarrow Point – Town Engineer

Phone: 206-276-8922


2023 Pagoda Reconstruction & Addition Project

The Town of Yarrow Point performs pagoda maintenance activities every year according to the inspection, repair, and maintenance program shown in the TYP 2020 Pagoda Maintenance Plan.

The maintenance activities for 2023 were to include 91st Ave NE and 94th Ave NE.  However, 91st Ave NE was addressed in 2021 and considering the upcoming construction activity on 94th Ave NE, town staff opted to delay the 94th Ave NE work to late 2024 and instead complete the next round of projects.

Town staff solicited proposals from three contractors on the MRSC small works roster: Lamb Contracting LLC, Kaplan Homes Unlimited LLC, and Alexander Moore Homes. Only Alexander Moore Homes responded and their proposal ($17,360.22) includes the following scope of work:

94th Ave NE

  • 94-1 (6 spaces)

o          94-1 needs replaced to provide 6 total spaces

o          Remove original stand and return to homeowner

o          Transfer mailboxes to new pagoda


NE 37th Street/Place

  • 37-1 (9 spaces)

o          37-1 needs replaced to provide 9420 space for larger locked mailbox (maintain 9 total spaces)

o          Seems acceptable and appropriate to re-use 37-1 wood for 37-2 (8 mailboxes)

o          Transfer mailboxes to new pagoda

o          Pressure wash and general clean up for reuse


  • 37-2 (6 spaces existing)

o          Replace existing pagoda with 8 total spaces;

o          Match town standard

o          Use wood from 37-1 with new roof shingles

o          Transfer mailboxes to new pagoda


  • 37-4 (6 total boxes)

o          Pressure wash and general cleaning


  • 37-5 to 37-9 (single mailboxes)

o          Combine 5 single mailboxes into one new pagoda with 5 total spaces

o          Remove 5 stands and return to homeowner

o          Locate new pagoda between 9032/9042 property line

o          Transfer mailboxes to new pagoda

If you have a mailbox on one of these effected pagodas, then we encourage you to take this opportunity to purchase and install a new locking mailbox if you do not already have one, however, it is not imperative to do so.  Information about the suggested type of box is available from Town Hall staff or using the link below; ‘Fort Knox – “Small Standard” in black.

The project is starting Wednesday July 5, 2023, and we expect them to be on-site periodically for the next 3-weeks. The work is not expected to interfere with normal mail delivery. We will provide another update when installation is expected to happen.

If you have an existing locking mailbox, you have the following options for the transfer of your mailbox:

  • Unlock it the day of installation.
  • Work with the on-site contractor to open it so that it can be transferred to the new pagoda.
  • Collect your mailbox from Town Hall and the installation will be the responsibility of the resident.

Should you choose to purchase a new locking mailbox, please drop it by Town Hall during business hours (8:30am-4:30pm M-Th, 8:30am-Noon Fri) with your name, address and phone number no later than July 17, 2023 and we will provide it to the contractor to install it. Keys for the new locking box will be provided back to the resident upon installation.

Thank you for your patience.

Stacia Schroeder, PE

Yarrow Point – Town Engineer

Phone: 206-276-8922