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 Comprehensive Plan

What is the Comprehensive Plan?

The Comprehensive Plan of Yarrow Point is a strategic policy framework that sets out the community’s vision for future growth and development. It serves as a collective vision for the type of town that Yarrow Point residents and visitors aspire to create. The plan outlines how the town will handle population growth and environmental factors and ensure essential services and facilities are provided to meet the community’s needs for the next 20 years.

When is the next major Comprehensive Plan update?

The Town of Yarrow Point is undergoing a significant update to its Comprehensive Plan, adopted recently in 2015, to complete the revision by December 2024. To update the Plan, the town has hired an external firm to conduct an extensive community engagement process throughout 2023 to gather feedback and input from residents and stakeholders.

The engagement process aims to foster collaboration and ensure that the updated Comprehensive Plan reflects the community’s shared vision, values, and goals for the future development and growth of Yarrow Point.

Why is the Comprehensive Plan important to me?

A Comprehensive Plan is crucial for Yarrow Point to guide its progress for the long term, and its residents will benefit from its adoption and implementation. The plan will set a clear vision for the community’s future, including goals for land use, transportation, housing, climate change, community services, and other vital areas. In addition, it will provide a roadmap for future decision-making to ensure Yarrow Point remains an attractive place to live, work, and play.

The plan will embrace the priorities of existing residents, preserving the community’s unique character, promoting economic prosperity, protecting natural resources, and improving quality of life by addressing issues like traffic congestion and housing. Ultimately, a well-crafted Comprehensive Plan is essential to the long-term health and vitality of Yarrow Point and the well-being of its residents.

How is the Comprehensive Plan used?

Yarrow Point’s Comprehensive Plan is a critical roadmap that outlines the community’s vision for its future development and prosperity. The plan guides town decisions by setting goals and objectives across several essential growth topics, ensuring that new development aligns with the community’s values and identity and that infrastructure and other public amenities support progress and existing and new residents.

The plan also establishes policies for building limitations, landscaping, public space standards, and the protection of shorelines, serving as the foundation for Yarrow Point’s zoning and other code regulations. It is the policy basis for decisions in reviewing development projects under the State Environmental Policy Act, and mitigation of impacts for a development proposal can be based on policies outlined in the Plan. Additionally, the Plan establishes the town’s desired public facilities and services, providing guidelines to support the growth of town services aligning with defined community goals.

Who decides what the Plan says?

The Town of Yarrow Point has enlisted the assistance of an external consulting firm to lead a community-driven process for the update to the existing Comprehensive Plan. The firm will integrate the input and feedback of residents to formulate a draft Plan that aligns with regional requirements and planning principles.

Public meetings will be conducted throughout the planning process to allow community members to express their views and opinions. Once the draft Plan is finalized, the consulting firm will submit a recommendation to the Town Council and Planning Commission, who will review and approve the final Plan. Ultimately, the Comprehensive Plan will embody Yarrow Point residents’ shared vision and values, serving as a guiding framework for the town’s long-term development and growth.

What topics are addressed in the Comprehensive Plan?

The Comprehensive Plan consists of required elements under the Growth Management Act (GMA) and optional elements unique to Yarrow Point. These chapters cover various topics, including Land Use, Capital Facilities, Utilities, Transportation, Housing, Economic Development, Parks, Recreation and Open Space, and Climate Change, as well as other critical areas. Together, these sections provide a comprehensive framework for guiding Yarrow Point’s long-term development while addressing critical issues like sustainability, economic development, and quality of life for town residents.

How do other Plans relate to the Comprehensive Plan?

As part of the comprehensive framework that addresses various topics, the Comprehensive Plan will include elements outlined in the Shoreline Master Program, which the State’s Shoreline Management Act requires. The Plan will also consider the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) and the Endangered Species Act (ESA) to ensure that the town’s growth is sustainable and complies with environmental regulations.

In addition, the Plan will reference the existing Trails Master Plan and Stormwater Management Plan and incorporate the Capital and Transportation Improvement Plans into its goals and policies for the town. By including these elements and considerations, the Yarrow Point Comprehensive Plan will provide a roadmap for future development that is both environmentally responsible and responsive to the community’s needs and vision.

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