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Permit FAQ’S

Do I need a permit for these projects?
IF... ...THEN
I’m completely replacing a deck Yes, a Building Permit.
I’m remodeling my kitchen IF walls are moved or structure is changed then Yes, a Building Permit.
I’m replacing my roof Yes, Roof Permit.
I’m installing a new A/C Unit Yes, Mechanical Permit.
My hot water tank needs replacing Yes, Mechanical Permit.
My home is within 200ft of shoreline Most Likely. Call Town Hall.
I’m replacing my driveway Yes, Site Development Permit.
I’m painting my house or replacing trim No permit required.
I’m just doing a lot of landscaping IF 750 SQFT are disturbed, then Yes, Site Development Permit.
I’m building a garden or tool shed If the shed is under 120sqft, a building permit is not required. If the shed is over 120sqft, a building permit is required. The shed still must comply with the Town zoning code regardless if a permit is required.
I’m building a play structure No permit required. Check Town Zoning Code.
My house is near an eagle nesting or roosting site Reach out to the local Fish and Wildlife Service about a possible Incidental Take Permit at 503-872-2715 or
  • Tips for home projects and selecting contractors from Labor & Industries:    ProtectMyHome


Trees on Private Property

A tree removal permit is required for any “significant tree” on private property. A “significant tree” is defined as any tree that has a diameter of 18” or greater, measured four and one-half feet above the ground (commonly referred to as 18” dbh, which stands for diameter at breast height). To remove a tree, please submit the following form to Town Hall.

Trees in Town Right of Way

If you have concerns about the health or condition of a tree in town right of way, please submit the following form to Town Hall.

Can I remove a tree if it straddles a property line?

A tree permit is required following consent of the other property owner. If no agreement is reached, you can only trim and maintain your side of the tree.


Hedges on Private Property

A hedge means 3 or more plantings planted or growing in: (1) a continuous row where the crowns of the plantings touch and/or overlap, AND (2) is 10 feet in length or longer, AND (3) that forms a physical and/or visual barrier, AND (4) has a height in excess of 3 feet.

A hedge or portion of a hedge located within a setback shall not exceed 6 feet 6 inches, or a height mutually agreed upon by current adjacent property owners and established in writing. Hedge height shall be measured from existing grade, immediately adjacent to the hedge. Plantings which are along or inside of a hedge that do not have overlapping crowns with other plantings shall not be regulated as part of a hedge.

No fence or hedge shall be permitted which will impair the visibility for vehicular traffic as determined by the Town Engineer.

My neighbor definitely has a hedge, what do I do if I think it is too high?

Do your best to come up with a mutually agreeable solution.

If a property owner plants, maintains, or permits to grow any hedge which exceeds the permitted height established in YPMC 20.23.030, then a complainant shall have the rights set forth in this chapter.

20.23.060 Methods of relief.

Methods of relief that may be granted include pruning, thinning, windowing, topping, or removal of the hedge.

20.23.070 Process for resolution of hedge disputes.

  1. The following process shall be used in the resolution hedge code violations:
  2. Initial reconciliation. A complainant who believes that hedge growth does not meet the requirements of this chapter shall first notify the hedge owner in writing of such concerns. Notification should, if possible, be accompanied by a personal discussion to enable the complainant and hedge owner to attempt to reach a mutually agreeable solution.
  3. Mediation. If the initial reconciliation attempt fails, the complainant shall propose, in writing to the hedge owner, to submit the dispute to mediation.
  4. Binding arbitration. If mediation fails, the complainant shall propose, in writing to the hedge owner, to submit the dispute to binding arbitration.
  5. Litigation. If the hedge owner fails to participate in binding arbitration, the complainant may pursue civil action to resolve the dispute.

Landscaping, Pagodas, and Other

Can I landscape all the way to the road (between the property line and edge of pavement)?

Anything other than grass, grass-Crete, gravel, and asphalt is considered an “encroachment” and requires an Encroachment Agreement granted by the Town in order to be installed. Encroachment Agreement Permit Application

Can I have a free-standing pagoda?

The Town requires all mailboxes to be part of a pagoda. If there is no space on
the pagoda, please contact the Town for help.

How can I locate my sewer or water service?

Our water and sewer systems are maintained by the City of Bellevue. They will provide this information at your request. Bellevue Utilities: 425-452-6932

A stop-sign is down, what can I do?

Please contact Town Hall immediately and we will replace the sign. If it is on a weekend or after hours, please contact Clyde Hill Police Department: 425-454-7187