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File a Tree Removal Request

To request the removal or inspection of a tree located in the Town’s ROW, please complete the following form and submit to Town Hall. Request for Protected Tree Maintenance Evaluation or Removal Form

12.26.060 Citizen/property owner request for maintenance and removal of hazardous trees within the town-owned rights-of-way

A. Any property owner immediately adjacent to a protected tree within the right-of-way may present to the town a request for the maintenance, or evaluation of the condition, of said tree. The request shall be on a form provided by the town and shall be accompanied by a report prepared by a qualified professional presenting an evaluation and recommendation for further action to be taken regarding the tree.

B. Upon receipt of such request, the tree board shall review the request and shall either approve or deny the request. The determination shall be based on evidence that the tree is hazardous or not. The decision of the tree board shall be final.

C. The expense for the property owner’s qualified professional report shall be paid by the property owner. In the event that tree removal or maintenance is required, the town shall reimburse the property owner for the qualified professional’s report, in an amount not to exceed $200.00.

D. As an alternative to subsection A of this section, the property owner may request, through the town, to have the arborist appointed by the mayor prepare the initial report. Payment for the report shall be as described in subsection C of this section. (Ord. 612 § 6, 2010)

To learn more about the Town's Tree Code, visit section 12.26:!/YarrowPoint12/YarrowPoint1226.html#12.26

Tree FAQ's:

Can I remove a tree on my property without a permit?

Our new Private Property Tree Code, adopted by the Town Council in December 2021, after more
than two dozen public meetings over the past three years, creates a permitting system for the
removal of “significant trees” on residential lots. The Code is a companion to our Public Property
Tree Code that has been in existence since 2010.

  • A tree removal permit is required for any “significant tree” on private property. A "significant tree" is defined as any tree that has a diameter of 18” or greater, measured four and one-half feet above the ground (commonly referred to as 18” dbh, which stands for diameter at breast height). To request to remove a "significant tree", please submit a Private Property Tree Removal Permit Application to Town Hall.
  • If you have concerns about the health or condition of a tree in town right of way, please submit a Town Right of Way Tree Removal or Maintenance Request form to Town Hall.

Private Property Tree Code FAQ

Private Property Tree Code Chapter 12.26 

Tree Permit Application

Cash Deposit

Surety Bond

Bond Price Table

Can I remove a tree if it straddles a property line?

You can remove the tree with the consent of the other property owner. If no agreement is reached, you can only trim and maintain your side of the tree.

Can I remove a tree in the public Right-Of Way?

Town Hall has developed a procedure to evaluate whether or not ROW trees can be removed. Please contact Town Hall.

What is the difference between a hedge and a fence?
  • A hedge exists when a row of two or more trees, shrubs, or other plants constitute a barrier in excess of six linear feet and establish a boundary, or hinder free passage of humans or animals on the surface of ground, or obscure vision, or baffle sound.(YPMC 17.08.010).
  • The height of a hedge is mutually agreed upon by bordering neighbors. A fence, freestanding wall, retaining wall, or rockery shall not exceed six feet in height above the finished grade (YPMC 17.12.030).
  • No fence or hedge shall be permitted which will impair the visibility for vehicular traffic as determined by the Town Engineer.
My neighbor definitely has a hedge, what do I do if I think it is too high?

Do your best to come up with a mutually agreeable solution. The Town’s code enforcement officer only gets involved as a last resort.