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Town Mayor and Council


The Council’s mission is to implement by legislation and policy decisions, the actions necessary to prudently preserve and enhance Yarrow Point’s environment and to actively encourage community involvement in government through communication of issues and thoughtful response to residents’ concerns.


Regular Council meetings are held at 4:00 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month at Town Hall. Agendas for regular Council meetings are posted at Town Hall at least four days before the meeting. Special Council meetings may be held from time to time as issues warrant. Notices and agendas for a special meeting are posted at Town Hall at least 24 hours before the special meeting. Council meetings represent grassroots politics at its best; citizens are encouraged to appear at meetings and speak to their elected representatives directly about issues of concern to them during the meeting. Citizens wishing to contact members of the Council outside of the Council meeting may do so by calling the Town Hall at (425) 454-6994 or emailing staff using one of the email links on the Administration page of this website.

The Mayor presides over Council meetings and serves as the Town’s Chief Executive Officer. The Mayor has the authority to appoint staff to assist in implementing the executive duties of the Town and to appoint citizens to serve on the other advisory commissions and boards of the Town, with consent of the Council.

The Council of the Town of Yarrow Point is its governing body. It consists of five resident Councilmembers and one resident Mayor elected at large by registered voters residing in the Town. Each member serves a four-year term and is eligible for re-election without term limits.

The Council is responsible for establishing the policies, direction, and goals of the Town through the passage of ordinances, resolutions, and policy statements. They also are charged with authorizing the Town’s annual operating budget and its monthly expenditures.

Approved minutes of recent Council meetings can be viewed in the Town’s public portal. Council minutes for the current month will be approved at the next regular meeting. Please keep in mind that minutes are only a summation of the proceedings of the Council meeting and are not a verbatim transcript. If you would prefer to obtain an audio recording of a particular Council meeting, please visit the Town’s public portal. For audios prior to 2023, please contact Town Hall. 425-454-6994

Yarrow Point’s current Mayor and Council are:

Mayor Katy Harris Dec 31, 2025
1 Stephan Lagerholm Dec 31, 2025
2 Steve Bush Dec 31, 2027
3 Chuck Porter Dec 31, 2025
4 Michael Hyman Dec 31, 2027
5 Kathy Smith, Mayor Pro Tem Dec 31, 2025

Mayor and Councilmember Biographies:

Katy Harris

Mayor Katy Kinney Harris

I learned the value of community early in my close-knit Navy family life, moving and establishing new relationships 19 times before attending college. My three kids were raised on the Eastside with those same family values instilled in them. We all immediately felt at home in the community of Yarrow Point, buying a home on 94th in 2013. I highly regard preserving the unique qualities of Yarrow Point that make it such a wonderful place to live.

Outdoor/Experiential Education is a strong family value. My children’s interest in Environmental Science and Conservation paralleled mine, which led to decades of projects and service with the Seattle Aquarium Society, Woodland Park Zoo and Pacific Northwest YMCA Camps. My decades of advocacy for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Board of Ambassadors continues to keep me grounded and grateful. In addition to various local non-profit endeavors, I frequently travel to NYC where I passionately strive to produce an Original Broadway Musical.

I enjoy triathlons, hiking, swimming at Samena or in Lake Washington off the dock at Road End Beach or at Loch Lane Beach with my Golden Retriever Langley. You will likely see me walking around YP with her.

Please reach out to me for a walk around our neighborhood!

Stephan Lagerholm

I grew up in Sweden and graduated from Uppsala University in 1999. I met my wife in 2005 and moved to the U.S in 2007. In 2007 I also started my own company that focused on consulting services to startups in the networking space. In 2009 I founded the Texas IPv6 Task Force and served on the board for 5 years while working for a startup called Secure64. I moved to Seattle in 2014 and worked for Microsoft for 3 years. At the end of 2016 I accepted a position with T-Mobile where I lead a team responsible for T-Mobile’s network architecture. I won the 2017 November election for Council Position #1. I have two precious sons and a wonderful wife. The town of Yarrow Point is a fantastic place to live, with a perfect balance of a small town feel and proximity to a prosperous metropolitan area. I’m happy to serve on the town council and make a difference in our community. I believe in being friendly to the environment, practical in daily life and in fostering a sense of community.

Steve Bush (02)

Steve Bush

My name is Steve Bush and I am a resident of Yarrow Point. After the successful sale of Pure Networks, a technology startup I co-founded, our family moved to Yarrow Point in May 2010. I live with my wife Christine Chang, two teenage daughters, and pet Golden Retrievers at the intersection of Yarrow Point, Clyde Hill, and Kirkland town boundaries. In 2013, I decided to leave the workforce and dedicate my time, energy, and resources to family and community impacting projects.

Chuck Porter

Chuck Porter

My wife (Nancy) and I have been residents of Yarrow Point since 2010. We have two children who live in the area: one a family law attorney; and one a game company executive. And a couple of vastly entertaining grand kids. After graduating with degrees in Math (Gonzaga) and Business (Michigan), I made my career working in technology. I retired the first time from a thirty-year career at Accenture and came out of retirement to be the CIO at Seattle University, where I retired again in 2016. Although semi-retired (my wife says more semi than retired) I have broad business interests in technology & life sciences. I serve on the Boards of non-profit (e.g. Seattle University) and for-profit (e.g. Theo Chocolate) companies and am deeply involved in the Pacific Northwest start-up ecosystem. In these various roles, I’ve lived, worked, and traveled to nearly 70 countries around the world. In general, I am in favor of governance with a light touch that’s informed by information. I’ve adopted a listen first approach to life and business which has served me well. For fun, I’m a motorcyclist, photographer, traveler, and former pilot. My term of service on the Yarrow Point Council began January 2022.

Michael Hyman

Like many of us in the tech industry, I became a Pacific Northwest local when I moved to the region in the 80s to work for Microsoft. I have been an executive at many of the area’s leading companies as well as a successful serial entrepreneur. I am currently a Vice President at the world’s most pet friendly company. I’ve served on the board of two area arts organizations, and now want to get involved with my city. Yarrow Point has a unique feel, being a small town near much larger cities, and I want to work with the Mayor and other council members to preserve its character, including its sense of safety, the nesting bald eagles and greenery, and our 4th of July parade. I won’t put up ugly signs, but I do circumnavigate the city most days and look forward to meeting you.

Kathy Smith

Kathy Smith

My family, husband Jon and sons Patrick and Joshua, moved to Yarrow Point, in 1983. Yarrow Point was, and is, a wonderful community in which to raise a family. I grew up in Clyde Hill and attended Medina Elementary, Bellevue Jr. High and Bellevue High School. After graduating from Western Washington University with a BA in Education, I attended the University of Washington for post-graduate studies in Literacy. I was a reading specialist in the Lake Washington School district Title I program for many years before shifting my focus to early childhood education and teaching Pre-Kindergarten at St. Thomas School, Medina. Since becoming a resident of the town I have served Yarrow Point in a variety of capacities including chairing the 4th of July Committee and being a member of the Park Board for many years. I have fond memories of playing with friends who lived on Yarrow Point when I was growing up so maintaining the small town intimacy and family-friendly character of the town is important to me. Preserving the quality of life and policies that promote the common good will be foremost in my mind when making decisions during my term on the Council.