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Report Construction Parking Violations

To report a construction parking violation, please email the following information to

  1. Take a photo of the vehicle and the license plate.
  2. Date and time of day.
  3. Nearest address/approximate location.

For emergencies, always dial 911.

 TYPMC 12.30.040 Development and construction activities – Parking.

A. Parking on the public right-of-way or way open to the public, whether improved or unimproved, is prohibited by the owners and the operators of all site development and construction-related vehicles and equipment, including personal vehicles operated by site development and construction-related workers commuting to and from the development or construction site. Parking for such workers shall be provided on site by the owner of the property. Parking at locations other than on site shall be arranged prior to the issuance of permits by securing approval for an alternate designated parking area, staging area, delivery area, or equipment or materials storage area from the town building official through an approved building, demolition, mechanical, or site development permit. If adequate parking or staging area is not available, it shall be the responsibility of the property owner or his authorized agent to provide sufficient staging, storage, or transportation to and from the site from a location outside of the town limits, or to make other arrangements not inconsistent with this section. Demolition and construction activity parking regulations and parking plan shall be provided on site for review on a 24-hour basis according to town of Yarrow Point requirements for noticing and posting.

B. A violation of this chapter by any owner or operator of site development equipment and/or construction-related vehicles and equipment, or by the operator of any personal vehicle operated by site development and construction workers, shall be an infraction, punishable by a fine of $500.00 for each offense.

C. Any owner or operator of site development equipment and/or construction-related vehicles, including privately owned vehicles of construction works, who violates subsection A of this section shall be deemed to be an acting agent of the owner of the property or prime contractor. The owner or prime contractor shall be subject to the penalty as set forth in subsection B of this section.