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September 27-29th:

  • KC Roads – Lakeside; stage 1 of pavement restoration activities
    • Stage 1 will include the grinding work and a base patching layer of asphalt. You will have access to your property during this time, but may be delayed entering and leaving up to 15 minutes. 

September 30-October 1st

  • KC Roads – Lakeside; stage 2 of pavement restoration activities
    • Stage 2 will include the final overlay work.  This work is tentatively scheduled for Thursday and Friday, 9/30 – 10/1.  Please know there are times when you will be unable to access your property for extended hours, even full days, during this time.  Emergency services (ie. fire, ambulance, police, etc.) however, will be notified well in advance and arrangements made as necessary.  Personal vehicles can be parked in the available right-of-way spots on 92nd Ave NE and traffic control personnel will be on-site to aid pedestrians through the active work zone.

Thank you.