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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that at their regular meeting of June 13, 2023 at 4:00 p.m., the Yarrow Point Town Council will hold a public hearing on a new Private Property Hedge Code. All persons that so desire will be offered the opportunity to speak on this subject at this hearing. This hearing will be held in person and virtually. If you wish to submit written comments prior to the hearing or plan to take part in the meeting, please contact:

Virtual call in:


Phone Conference ID: 831 4203 4191#

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on May 03, 2023, the Town of Yarrow Point issued a DETERMINATION OF NONSIGNIFICANCE (DNS) under the State Environmental Policy Act Rules (Chapter 197-11 WAC) for the following non-project action: Adoption of a Private Property Hedge Code to Establish Regulations related to Hedges on Private Property. The project proponent is the Town of Yarrow Point.

After review of a completed environmental checklist and other information on file with the Town, the Town of Yarrow Point determined that the proposal will not have a probable significant adverse impact on the environment.

Copies of the environmental checklist and DNS are available at no charge from Yarrow Point Town Hall, 4030 – 95th Avenue NE, Yarrow Point, Washington 98004. The public is invited to comment on this DNS by submitting written comments to the Town Clerk, 4030 – 95th Avenue NE, Yarrow Point, WA 98004 by June 13, 2023.

Austen Wilcox, Deputy Clerk