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License Your Pet

The Town issues dog licenses as a partner through King County Regional Animal Services. If you are purchasing or renewing an existing pet license, you can do either renew via King County’s website, or, visit Town Hall during office hours. If you will be renewing a pet license at Town Hall, please bring the renewal reminder that was sent to you by King County to Town Hall.


To file for a new application, the associated costs are:

  • Juvenile (Under 6 months, 6 months expiration): $15.00
  • Altered (Spay Neuter – proof required): $30.00
  • Unaltered (Voucher for spay/neuter savings included): $60.00
  • Senior Citizen (Proof citizen is 65 or older + proof pet is spayed or neutered): $15.00
  • Replacement tag: $5.00