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Beginning February 25 – March 4, you may see field workers in yellow vests from PACE Engineers inspecting stormwater catch basins. The Town is currently updating its Stormwater Management Plan meaning that it is taking a logistical analysis of each of the catch basins and their drainage flow. This will also include the eventual installation of new grates that have improved design capabilities. Some catch basins are located on or near property lines. If you do not feel comfortable having the field surveyor(s) near your private residence, please call Town Hall at 425-454-6994.

Mayor Cahill encourages residents to inform the Town of any standing water and/ or other issues pertaining to stormwater flow that they have seen over the years. Our residents are the eyes and ears of the Town and often can see issues like this that Town officials may not be already be aware of. Feel free to contact the Deputy Clerk at if you would like to submit information. Thank you!