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Notice is hereby given that on Tuesday, October 8, the Town Council will hold a regular meeting at Town Hall located at 4030 95th Ave NE Yarrow Point, WA. 98004 starting at 7:00pm to discuss and act on the following agenda bills. The agenda is also attached.

AB 19-21 – MCI Franchise Ordinance – second reading

Ordinance No. 698: An Ordinance of the Town Of Yarrow Point, Washington, Granting to MCIMetro Access Transmission Services Corp. D/B/A Verizon Access Transmission Services and its Affiliates, Successors and Assigns, the Right, Privilege, Authority and Nonexclusive Franchise for Five Years, to Construct, Maintain, Operate, Replace and Repair a Telecommunications Network, in, Across, Over, Along, Under, Through and Below Certain Designated Public Rights-Of-Way of the Town of Yarrow Point, Washington.

AB 19-22 – Morningside Park Children’s Play Area Project Acceptance

AB 19-23 – Public Hearing on Levy Increase

Ordinance No. 700: An Ordinance of the Town of Yarrow Point, Washington Increasing the Town of Yarrow Point’s Regular Levy from the Previous Year, Commencing January 1, 2020 on All Property; and Establishing an Effective Date

AB 19-24 – Public Hearing on 2020 Preliminary Budget

Your attendance is always encouraged.

Thank you.