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Your Commissioners at the Wetherill Nature Preserve (WNP) have a limited amount of cut wood due to ongoing tree falls. This wood of various species can be used for firewood and available to you on a first come, first served basis. You are responsible to load/unload in your vehicle. Here’s more information if you’re interested.

WHAT: The wood is unsplit with much of it 3-8” rounds, about 16-24” in length.  You must be able to load and haul the wood you want using your vehicle.

WHERE: Pick up point is at the 33rd Street entrance of Wetherill Nature Preserve in Yarrow Point.

WHEN:  No designated time; this is an ongoing situation. If you see wood at the 33rd St. entrance, you may simply take it. If there is no wood, it has been claimed, but feel free to check periodically as WNP has ongoing tree falls.


WNP Commission