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Dear Yarrow Point Neighbors,

Some troubling news and an IMPORTANT REMINDER:

Around 4:50 this morning, many mailboxes were damaged,  broken into and emptied, in our otherwise quiet neighborhood. We were notified hours after thieves wreaked their havoc, that some residents saw suspicious activity in the predawn hours, but were not comfortable calling 911, thinking “it is likely not criminal behavior.”


If astute observers had called 911 or the non-emergency line (425) 577-5656, Clyde Hill Police Officers already patrolling our streets could have responded right away to check on their behavior. If their behavior was innocuous (not engaging in any illegal activity), the officers would politely wish them good day. They are very kind and responsive in any situation.

Our Town has invested in critically helpful technology utilizing license plate reader cameras at our entrance and exit to provide valuable assistance in cases like these. Without someone alerting CHPD of suspicious activity though, it is much more difficult for the police to catch brazen criminals and utilize the benefits of this system.

We are grateful for the quick response and investigative work that officers have already begun, using the data captured early this morning by the license plate readers. Thanks to the information gathered from residents, CHPD has been able to narrow the window of the incident and peruse the data. Hopefully we will hear more updates from them as they strive to solve this case.

Please keep alert, be an excellent neighbor and do not hesitate to call 911 to report any suspicious activity right away!

If you see something that seems suspicious, but are not certain about negative intent, still call the police as they can check on the matter; it is part of what they are here to do. Clyde Hill Police are our Partners in keeping our neighborhood safe. They are always very close by and ready to respond immediately to check on any situation even if the matter turns out to be harmless.

Thank you so much for being vigilant for all of us.


Mayor Katy Kinney Harris