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Dear Town of Yarrow Point Residents,

Our Police Lieutenant Hanson has informed us that there has been a significant uptick in scams/fraud reported to the Clyde Hill Police Department (CHPD).

It seems to be targeted at people who are on dating apps (victims have primarily been male). The suspect(s) claims to be a CHPD detective and ultimately attempts to extort the victims for money from a “warrant.”  Police never request money from people, nor do they ever text subjects that they have a warrant. The suspect(s) is also persuading victims to send compromising (naked) photos or live feeds. The suspect(s) then sends a blackmail text including the screenshots and recordings, warning that if the victim does not pay, the videos/photos will go to their family/work.

One victim sent $1700 to the Philippines. Little or nothing can be done to help victims when the suspects are not in the U.S.

Please be vigilant and please report suspicious activity to the CHPD 425-577-5656 (non-emergency line).

Thank you.