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Welcome Home Ceremony – National Vietnam War Veterans Day

Fifty years have passed since the final American military forces left Vietnam and our remaining prisoners of war were returned. Even after the passage of five decades, we still owe these veterans a large debt of gratitude.
During the conflict, political controversy and disagreement were sadly misdirected toward those who had admirably served our nation. When these brave warriors returned from Vietnam, they received neither a hero’s welcome nor appreciation for their service that they deserved, but instead got apathy, anger and hate. Disappointingly, many were left to struggle alone with self-doubt, shame and the memories of those left behind.
After their wartime service ended, these unsung heroes went to work, served in government, and became involved in their communities. Vietnam War-era veterans went on to lead Fortune 500 companies, direct Oscar-winning films, create a prominent computer-programming language, map the human genome and many other outstanding accomplishments. Today, there are approximately 6 million living veterans from the Vietnam era – more than 30% of America’s veteran population.
March 2​9 – National Vietnam War Veterans Day – is dedicated to these heroes. You can honor them by watching the National Veterans Memorial and Museum’s Welcome Home Ceremony at 1​0 a.m. EDT. The keynote speaker will be Capt. J. Charles “Charlie” Plumb (USN, Ret.), a naval aviator who was shot down and held prisoner in Vietnam for six years. He’s legendary for his story “Who Packs Your Parachute?”
The 50th National Vietnam War Veterans Day is a national opportunity to share our appreciation for the sacrifices made by a generation of veterans. Thank you, Vietnam veterans, for your courage in war and service to our nation, both in and out of uniform.