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Dear Yarrow Point Neighbors,

In light of recent criminal activity in Yarrow Point where suspects accessed a residence via kayaks from Lake Washington, our Clyde Hill Police Department wants to ensure that all community members have guidance and resources to keep your property secured and unwelcoming to potential criminals. Please review these tips and contact our CHPD if you have further questions.

Helpful Tips to Deter Crime at your Residence:

  • Install timed or motion sensing lights to illuminate exterior doors and the shoreline of your property if you live on the water
  • Install timed or motion sensing video/cameras on your property
  • AND place clearly-visible signs indicating the presence of audio/video recording/surveillance devices (Signs must be on your property in order to use incriminating data collected)
  • Close your garage door and cover windows to obscure view inside garage
  • Do not leave your garage door opener inside your unlocked vehicle parked in the driveway
  • Always lock your doors & windows
  • Keep valuables in a safety deposit box
  • If you have a safe at your residence, keep it secured
  • Do not leave checkbooks, cash or important financial information out in the open

When you are out of town, the Clyde Hill Police Department offers the “Housewatch” program to residents. If you will be away from your home for an extended period of time and wish to have extra patrols done on your street, please notify the Clyde Hill Police Department by completing a House Watch Request Form.

Police officers will regularly check on your home and look for anything out of place.

While on vacation, place lights on timers, put mail on hold, always lock your doors and windows, and request that a trusted neighbor keep an eye on your home.  If your home is equipped with an alarm system, activate it whenever you are away and make sure it is monitored and audible.

More CHPD Safety Tips

Vehicle Prowl Prevention Tips

  • Always LOCK your car doors and activate your alarm if your vehicle is equipped with one
  • Do not leave valuables in your vehicle especially if they are visible from outside the vehicle
  • Secure your vehicles in your locked garage whenever possible
  • Never leave an identification tag on your key ring to help a thief locate your car/home

Suspicious Activity Reporting
If you see something suspicious taking place, report what you are observing by calling 9-1-1. When you call be as descriptive as possible to describe the circumstances. Lastly, suspicious behavior or activity does not always indicate ill intent or crime, but your observations can make a difference by helping to deter, prevent, or respond to crime. Remember that we can HELP our Police Officers protect our community by informing them of suspicious activity.

CHPD Non-Emergency telephone number: (425) 577-5656

Thank you for making Yarrow Point the best neighborhood in Washington State. Together we can impact the safety and well being of our residents.

Mayor Harris