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It was discovered at hearing that the Town’s analysis was not based on the final proposal.  Planning Staff asked for one week to have an opportunity to review the final proposal and submit additional analysis of the final proposal and to update environmental review and staff’s recommendation on the SSDP.  The Applicant representative asked for one week to review and respond to staff’s final analysis.  The following post-hearing schedule was agreed to by the parties on the record.


  • The record is held open through 10/20 for public comment from members of the public who tried to join the virtual hearing but were unable to join/make comment for technology or access reasons.
  • If there is no post-hearing public comment, the record closes 10/20, and the decision is due 11/3.


  • If there is post-hearing comment, Staff and Applicant are requested to submit written response by close of business on 10/24, the record closes 10/24, and the decision is due 11/7.

Other documents that have been admitted that I am waiting for:

No other documents

All documents submitted pursuant to this post-hearing schedule shall be made exhibits in the record and shall be forwarded to the hearing examiner via Mr. Wilcox.

Thank you.


Sharon Rice

Hearing Examiner