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  • Immediately prior to hearing on June 6, it was discovered that additional work not addressed in the scope of the SSDP permit application was in fact underway at the subject property.  A Stop Work Order was issued by the Building Official.  In order to determine whether the scope of the SSDP can be amended to include the additional work, which was occurring waterward of the OHWM, or whether an entirely new permit is required addressing all proposed work, the June 6th hearing was paused.


  • Staff and Applicant representatives will review the additional work and the applicable state and local regulations to determine the appropriate path forward and will submit a status report by June 14, 2024.


  • If the Examiner is satisfied that the scope of work is able to be amended to include the additional work consistent with applicable regulations, the hearing will reconvene on June 26, 2024 at 10 am.


  • If the scope cannot be amended to include the additional work and new notice is required, the Examiner will issue an order dismissing the instant SSDP application, and the new, complete application will be re-noticed and the hearing rescheduled in the normal course for the earliest possible hearing date.

Thank you.


Sharon Rice

Hearing Examiner