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Notice is hereby given that the Hearing Examiner of the Town of Yarrow Point will conduct a Public Hearing to discuss and act upon an application for a variance submitted by Wais Wazeri, on behalf of RICHARD SMITH, for property located at 38XX – 95th Avenue NE, Yarrow Point, Washington, 98004.  The property is a vacant lot south of 3829 – 95th Avenue NE.  The Applicant proposes to construct a new single-family residence.

The applicant seeks relief from two sections of the Yarrow Point Municipal Code:

Chapter 17.16.030.A – Structure Height  Applicant proposes to construct a new home, a portion of which will exceed the height limit of 25’ above original grade/31’ above finished grade.  Maximum height would be 15’ above the limit within the allowable building area, and 5’ above the allowable height within the requested setback adjustment.  

Chapter 17.16.040.C – Setback Requirements Applicant proposes to reduce the setback adjacent to the public right-of-way to 10’ instead of the required 25’.

Any person may submit comment on the applications to the Town Deputy Clerk at any time before the close of the Open Record Public Hearings to be held on February 11, 2020, starting at 10:00am by contacting the Town Deputy Clerk through the following means:


Mail: Town of Yarrow Point

          4030 95th Ave NE.

          Yarrow Point, WA. 98004