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The Seafair Air Show is an annual event that will be held August 5-7, 2022 over Lake Washington.  Historically, Medina Beach Park is considered a prime viewing location for the airshow, especially on Saturday and Sunday.  Please expect extra traffic in our neighborhood as many spectators will be heading to Medina Beach or the 520 Bridge Pedestrian/Bike Path to watch the Air Show.

According to the Seafair website, the airshow will take place mainly between approximately 10am and 3pm Friday through Sunday. The I-90 bridge will remain open this year throughout the airshow performances, so that should alleviate some congestion typically seen in our area in years past.

You will see our Clyde Hill Police Officers and the Medina Police Department throughout the Points communities day and night patrolling to keep everyone safe throughout the weekend. Please remember to drive slowly and be aware of the increase in pedestrian traffic, most notably children, as well as e-bikes and e-scooters. Your help is greatly appreciated in keeping our communities a wonderful and safe place to live!

Have a safe Seafair weekend!

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